Tuesday, February 15, 2011

100 Volunteers in Each DISTRICTS !!

My experience with youth taught me that they are good. Unlike the people who belong to 1930-1980 birth, they can be molded to better people.

Quality of teachers is of great concern. Youth is left with degrees without any aim. Educational including professional one is of very bad standard.

I look for the Physical / emotional / intellectual / social / spiritual empowerment of at least 100 youth in each district !? youth of 20-25 age. At least in south india focusing in andhra and kerala. may be spread around hyderabad / pune and bangalore in near future.

create teacher-students among the youth. they learn with peer group serious discussions and debates.

Plan to make them to join into all-india-services. Make them to learn technical / managerial / social / political aspects of local / state / national issues.

Discourage migration and use the local potential to empower the society around.

By the time these people of age 25 reaches around 40 in the next 15 years, they become the people with vision and hope they may lead the next generation better.. a few good teachers .. a few social workers .. a few leaders .. a few administrators... a few business people...

a life .. a trial .. a model .. what else can be done.. learning what to do and trying to evolve through learning from all around.. action is modified.. vision and mission is clear..

Now have the thrill of having many youth around - volunteers committed / dedicated / motivated ... in many districts in andhra..

as u said kerala has best potential, but people are too selfish.. again youth is better but too much under control of the selfish parents ...

i was in kerala 15 days in a month for the past one year..

may not continue for lack of supports and lack of time.. . have hectic activity in andhra.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


PLAN to Work for the Socialy Down Youths ..
HELPING them to Be Self-Supportive...

Actions... are Invited...